We have added a new activity to Thirty Days Of Change.  We are now offering our friends and clients the opportunity to join us on a unique 7 day workshop. US $2995.00.

This is a journey you will never forget!

Picture this. You fly in to an exotic location and meet 19 other complete strangers. For seven days you work on a combination of workshops, exercises and adventure. When you leave you are an entirely different person. You have looked at your life, and others lives, in an entirely new way. You will have shared experiences, some deeply intimate, that will change you.

You will be part of a select team of participants. Of the 20 available slots, half go to men and half to women. We work to make sure the mix of participants provides some dynamic contrast as well as compatibility. Not everyone who applies for this opportunity is selected to participate. You will be interviewed prior to acceptance. This is more than just a nice break; it’s an adventure into the territories that make you who you are. Are you ready to make a journey like that?

We only achieve growth when we adjust our vision. Our seminars give you an entirely new perspective on your own life, and the lives of the people around you. We incorporate hypnosis, yoga, tantric practices and group exercises in self examination – and give yout he opportunity to experience unfamiliar cultures and societies. Don’t expect this to be easy. Sometimes it can be downright painful. But ultimately you will find some new truths, new perspective and likely leave with a new outlook.

These workshops are held in unusual and exciting settings, and are designed to promote personal development. They pick up where our 30 Days Of Change exercises leave off, and help you explore and develop new aspects of yourself. Expect them to be challenging. But you can also expect to return home from our workshop with a wealth of new experience.

You are as likely to find yourself on a remote beach, as you are to find yourself on a motorcycle in the Himalayas. You may visit a casino, or a refugee camp. What we can guarantee is that this is going to be an experience unlike anything you’ve tried so far.

Our current workshop is for men and women of ages 38 – 55, who are single. We have intentionally aimed at this mid life group, as they are the people most in need of new direction and re-invigoration. We’re laying on exciting travel opportunities, and aim to provide a life changing experience for you.

So, if you feel you need to regain direction, re-evaluate your life, or simply get back your drive – you are in the right place. Ever visited the Himalayas? Rio? The Sahara? Ceylon (or more correctly Sri Lanka) or Nicaragua? Well, you’re going to!

Join us on a journey which will move you. You’ll travel, too!

Our Workshops work like this. We provide the workshop. You get yourself to our location (we’ll help you with your travel plans), and we’ll suggest suitable accommodation. Our support staff  help you with travel advice and even assistance en route. Once in the location you spend seven days in our workshop. Typically those days run from 9.30 AM to 3 pm, so you get a chance to see some of the spectacular locations we operate in. If you’re smart you’ll stay on for a few days after the workshop finishes and enjoy the country you’re in.

Costs. You pay for your air fare and accommodation at the destination you select. We maintain a list of suitable places to stay at each destination, and help you arrange accommodation. We provide lunch during the seminar, and provide the seminar itself. We will give you an accurate idea of the daily costs you are likely to incur according to the location you choose. Most questions you have about the destination we will be able to answer fully before you travel. Our team makes sure your trip goes smoothly. The seminar costs US $2995.00, and is payable a month before the seminar start date.

During the workshop you will meet other people, often going through similar life experiences as yourself.

Sounds cool? Expect it to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You are not just buying a holiday. You are starting a process that will change your life forever.

Next steps… Here’s what you do. Fill in the form below. We’ll contact you and let you know when the next available workshop is based on the information you provide. We’ll also interview you to see if you are suitable for a workshop of this kind. Are you ready to change your life?

Thirty Days Of Change Seminars are presented by Rob Hadley, and a small support team.

The price of our seminars is US$ 2995.00 and is payable one month before the seminar start date.