Self developmentMany clients come to us for help with self image and issues of self confidence. All too many times we see a disturbing common trait in the way they present themselves. Often their email address will contain a phrase or expression that is self limiting, or diminishes themselves somehow.

It sounds so obvious, however the email address ‘’ is likely create a poor image of the sender right from the start. And yet, we see these things regularly. That example is fictitious, by the way, but mild compared to some we see.

Labels such as an email address or a Skype ID are often chosen with a view of creating a humorous impression. The trouble is, after two or three dozen emails, the joke has worn thin to the point of non existence – and you are still stuck with that label. These optimistic attempts at humor, however, often speak of a hidden truth. We sometimes say the most painful truths with a dismissive laugh and a shrug. The problem is, the listener isn’t necessarily laughing.

You may find it interesting to take a look through your email box sometime and identify what labels people are using for themselves and ask if there is a ring of truth to some of them. Ironically, the issue of identity, in technology channels or even our names, occupies a special place in the way the mind works. For example, for people who struggle with stuttering saying their own name is often disproportionately difficult. the same goes for their phone number and their email address. Our mind handles issues of identity in a special and unique manner.

Sometimes in hypnosis demonstrations we do a little trick and get a subject to forget their own name. It’s a simple stunt and usually quite impressive. You can see one example here:

Some subjects loose their name very easily, others never loose it. What we do know is that the entire issue of identity is managed in a very special way by our brain.

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